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Types of Discount Lighting

There are many possibilities that will fit your individual tastes in the realm of discount lighting – literally different types of lighting for each room of your home, and each outdoor area.

Among these lighting types are –
Track lighting: Ideal for living rooms and areas where you want to show off pieces of art and paintings.

Novelty lighting: Novelty lamps come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes, and can give a room a fun and    entertaining feel. You would be best off adding novelty lamps to dens and children's rooms.

Modern lighting: Using brushed steel and smooth lines, modern lighting (also called contemporary) is great for your spartan rooms, where the furniture itself is a showpiece.

Victorian lighting: Victorian style is making a comeback these days, and you would most likely love it in a room with Queen Anne furniture and antiques all about. It makes for an ideal “purposeful clutter” room.

Western/Rustic: Wrought iron and canvas bring an “old west” feel to a room. Ideal for a hunter's den, or if you're looking for a Western look throughout the room.

Crystal: Crystal lighting is great for elegant dining rooms, and can be purchased for reasonable prices – high-quality chandeliers are a nice touch to any dining room and kitchen.

Tropical: Wicker, rattan, and bamboo are perfect for a porch or lanai, or any room with large double-doors or large windows, where breezes are encouraged.

Pool and Pond: Outdoor ponds and pools need plenty of lighting for night walks and night swims. There are all kinds of lighting to enhance the walkways and the water itself.

Bubble: Both indoor and outdoor, bubble lights can bring a retro look and feel to any room in the house. Goes great with a “70s” room with shag carpeting and lava lamps! (Can also be found with novelty lighting.)

There are even more types of lighting than what is listed above – however, this is a decent introduction that can get you started on using discount lighting throughout your home.

Any room can be enhanced with discount lighting if you choose a look ahead of time, then use the lighting as a boost to your decor, or even as a decoration itself. Some lighting is meant to be a stand-alone piece, and others are simply meant to brighten up a room and make the décor more appealing. Whatever you choose, make sure you get quality discount lighting that works within your home.